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accounts listed twice on CR...I know the answer is here somewhere

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No, its a Macy's/DSNB card.

Account Name: Same

Account #: It looks the same but the last four are XXXX

Account Type: (1) Open Account (2) Revolving or Option

Balance: same (0.00)

Date Opened: same

Payment Status: same (pay account as agreed)

Comments: same (they both say Charge)

Aren't these the same accounts just listed twice on my CR?

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Good question to which I dont have a good answer sorry as Credit Reports are not really my thing, so I will leave it to someone else to confirm or deny the accuracy or otherwise of my thoughts, but if I had 2 positives reporting instead of one I would tend to leave well alone :dunno:

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If account is in good standing then it would hurt your score to dispute it.

If your trying to qualify for credit somewhere else and they feel you have too much available credit or revolving credit then it would be an issue, otherwise I would leave it.

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