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Proper Validation for Medical Bill

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I am disputing a $250. doctor bill from a doctor I do not recognize. However, I was in the hospital 09/2007 and had several consult as they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

Discovered this account when I recently ran my credit report and have followed your validation process. The information I received back from the collection agency is nothing more than a statement of account from the doctors office reflecting the balance due. Is that sufficient?

The original statement dated 04/2008 was sent to an old address and was never received by me. Should I request more detailed information such as diagnosis, treatment provided, etc. This doctor never provided any treatment and I have no proof he even consulted as I was pretty out of it at the time.

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I would demand that they provide proof that he even was consulted for your consult.

As a matter of fact I believe I would check with the Hospital first to see 1) if he was even on duty at the time and 2) if he was even asked to examine you. I have seen those so called Doctors that step into the room ask "How ya doing" and then leave only to charge the insurance company for a consult. They have to have paperwork to prove everything.

The Doctors know how to work the system and that is why we need reform.

Make em prove everything!

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