Lowering the rates Please post your results

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I got laid off a few months ago and I noticed my Barkley Itunes visa rate was 22.74%. I carry a small 300.00 balance so I called and asked them to lower my rate and they did to 19.24% so it's better than nothing even on a small balance.

Then I called Hooters and they said NO WAY are we lowering our rates...22.99% is a good rate...I laughed and said I only owe you 100.00 and I would like to pay this off now and close this account...and I did.

I'm going to try a few more cards tomorrow, just for grins...Lower rates kept me a barkley customer....

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Ive had success with my BOA Visa Signature, not recently but in the past (12-24 months).

Citi has always been really good to me too when I request one.

Penfed 2.9% carrying a $4200 balance (this was a BT for the LIFE of the balance!!)

Patelco 10.9% carrying a $4800 balance

BOA 12.9% carrying a $1800 balance

Citi 14.9% carrying a $1000 balance

Old Navy Visa ?? carrying a $400 balance

All my other cards I dont use regularly.

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In the past (as recently as January) I have had success with HSBC cards such as a platinum mastercard and the American Dreamcard. They lowered rates for both me and my husband. From high to almost-as-high. Lately they've been saying no to our requests, though.

Your a FEMALE???? :shock: I feel soooo dumb!! This whole time I kept seeing the name "Chester" and always just assumed you were a guy. :);)

I need to pay more attention.

My sincerest apologies. 8]

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That's my fault for creating that name. I don't think you addressed me in any particular way, so don't worry about it! I'm as female as they get (physically, I mean - I've had four kids - although I probably act like a man more often than not.) :p

*although be careful, you could have guessed wrong and I could be a man with a husband... but I'm not! :) :) :)

btw, I also thought whocares was a man for the longest time. She doesn't make it easy to decipher with that... octopus?

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