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OC Notify me that Acct-is-Sold-NowWhat

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I received a letter from an OC upon Dv'ing their CA's that Oc has sold this account.The balance is $2877. The 3 CRA's do not show account sold/transferred. what should the next steps be? the ultimate goal is for deletion without paying from the 3CRA's.

a) ITS to CRA's.

B) DV the JDB whom the acct is sold or wait for their Dunning Ltr and then DV

c) File Complaint with Federal Reserve/OCC

d) Settle with JDB in writing.

e) Dispute/Delete with CRA's.

JDB have made no contact with me or vice versa since the acct was sold in July 2009.

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Since the account was just sold in July, its a little early to threaten the CRA with a lawsuit. Its the OCs job to update the info they send to the CRAs. Usually, that happens once a month or so. You could threaten the OC with FCRA violations ("reporting incorrect data") but, since there's no "right of private action" under the FCRA, that wouldn't accomplish much.

You c0uld dispute "incorrect balance" with the CRAs, and they'll have to go back to the OC which might get your reports updated, but, again, not much gets accomplished.

I'd suggest you just wait for the CA representing the JDB to dunn you, and then hit them with a DV.

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its been a while since i have sent my validation, i just dont receive nothing back from CA or OC.

How does it help knowing what to do if they dont respond and the 60 day has passed, even after writing letters as a second reminder (CMMRR).

How do i get this tradeline deleted from CRA's.

its hurting now!!!!!!!

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