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Method of Verification


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Hello Again,

1st just wanted to say that everyone here is a wealth of information I for one greatly appreciate it!! :wink:

I disputed some items on my Experian report via the web and the very next day they gave me my results. I ofcourse do not agree with them so I called Experian and asked about their method of verification, I was told by Diane, that they only use Electronic Verification and that satisfies the rules under the FCRA. How can they verify (accurately) a disputed account Electronically and look at all the information? Just wondering, your thoughts/answers are greatly appreciated.


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Sue and find out!

If one has dutifullly documented a "623 dispute method" like I do, it will be fairly easy to prove they have not "reasonably investigated" based on crap I get back from information furnisher!

I kid you not, Crap1 asked me to provide the acccount number I want investigated because they could not locate the account! (Their response to my 623 letter! Thanks creditinfocenter, this advice was gold!)

The hell if I'm providing them information they have "verified" with CRA.

If CRA's don't have negative Crap1 tradeline removed by 9/30, I'm suing, all 3 of them!

CRA's will be back on their heels when faced with my well plead and documented complaint.

I'm hoping CRA's don't remove. I would love to get a quick payday before Christmas!

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