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Inaccurate reporting

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Hi there. I also posted this in the Student Loans forum, but it struck me that this issue isn't really specific to Student Loans, so I was hoping some credit report experts could give me some advice.

I had five negative ISAC TLs and five negative Nelnet TLs related to some defaulted student loans that I paid ISAC for in March 2006. After two goodwill letters, ISAC eventually deleted the TLs. I've written one goodwill letter to Nelnet, and they refuse to delete.

It's my understanding that Nelnet rarely, if ever, deletes. However, I don't think they've reported the situation with my loans accurately. Here's how they stand:

TU: Five chargeoffs, last reported June '06 (paid collection)

EX: Five chargeoffs, last reported July '06 (account seriously past due)

EQ: Five 120 day late payments, last reported May '07 (paid collection)

The EX entries are listed as Closed (Paid), and the TU and EQ entries are listed as Derogatory. This is through TrueCredit.

Again, my obligation to these debts was completely taken care of in March '06 through ISAC. They'd assigned the loans back by this point.

Assuming that a goodwill to delete is not going to get me anywhere, what's my best course of action in getting my TLs dated back to March '06 at the latest? Also, should I be grateful that EQ shows late payments and not chargeoffs, or should I ask them to correct?

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

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1. Are these listings the same account, do they have the same open date, and account number?

2. Sometimes if you convert a student loan to a new lender it gets a new open date, and new account number, So it is a different account.

3. If these are all the same, you can call the credit reporting agency to see if the drop off date for each listing is the same. If not you can dispute that the one got re-aged, and try to use that as leverage to guilt the credit reporting agency into deleting.

4. Each of the accounts should be showing zero balances / paid collection or paid charge off.

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