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Increasing Computer Speed?

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My computer seems to be running slower and slower. I wanted to ask for suggestions on what people have done to zip up their perfomance of their computer.

These are the only two tools I am currently using:

SpyBot - Search and Destroy (version 1.6.0)

Spyware Blaster (version 4.2)

I just removed Spyware Terminator when I checked the last update available and it showed that I am running the most current version (my last scan was done of December of last year). I am going to download the most current updated databases to SpyBot and Spyware Blaster and then run both of those programs (I run them all the time).

I download all of my free stuff from Download.com so that is where I get anything and everything. I hate to buy something (because they are usually advertised that they will do everything) and then have it actually being worth squat. If there is something really outstanding, then I don't mind spending good money for it. But I am just skeptical of so many bogus promises.

Anyway, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Backup all of your data onto a CD-R, DVD-R or external hard drive. Reformat your drive, reinstall Windows and all of your applications, and then copy your backed-up data back onto your computer.

It'll likely take you all evening to do all this, but it doesn't cost a dime and you won't find a better option to improve overall speed (other than upgrading hardware). Just triple check that all of your files are backed up before nuking everything. Oh, and make sure that you have the original installation media for all the applications you intend to reinstall (esp. your Windows CD).

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Here is what I have for my Dell desktop:

2.8 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and I am running it on Windows XP. My virus protection is AVG Free 8.5 (and everything is up to date for it and all the features are running).

I don't have a backup scheme yet, which is my achilles heel. My hard drive already crashed and I lost everything on it so it has been not that long ago that I re-installed everything. I am looking around for a decent size external USB hard drive (for a decent price but prices are falling) so I can put it on an USB port and then back it up every night like at 2:00 AM (perhaps Sync Toy).

But even if I increase the RAM there may be stuff clogging it up which is why I am looking for software to do it. Earlier today I did download and install TweekNow RegCleaner and ran it. I did notice some improvement (I probably had so much junk in my registry).

I will probably keep looking around for some other free tools.

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Ravenous Wolf

Most "automatic fix-it" programs are useless at best. At worse, they make the problems worse or are simply a carrier for malware. If you're looking for "free and easy", make sure that you have at least 10-15% of free hard drive space and disable unneeded start-up programs. There are a number of utilities out there that will let you manage your start-up programs. I use "Autoruns."


Adding extra RAM may or may not help, depending on what he's running and his usage habits. But it's so cheap nowadays, it might worth giving it a shot.


AVG used to be my recommendation but it's gotten very bloated within the past 2-3 years. I now recommend Avast. However any realtime AV scanner is going to affect performance. I personally don't run anything and am just careful about what I download (and use Firefox or Opera).

Also, your IT guy is misinformed. A firewall at the network perimeter is not a substitute for anti-virus on the desktops. They protect against different things. Your firewall isn't going to do a bit of good if someone plugs in an infected USB thumbdrive or MP3 player into a PC attached to the network. Or more likely: someone connects to the wi-fi network using an infected notebook they brought from home.

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Ewwww, I think that is just like http://mycleanpc.com/home.html?ref=MyCleanPC.com

I download the software from them and ran it. All it did was say you have stuff wrong and give us money.

I would be careful and do more research. I eventually removed it from my PC.

I think I just need to add some RAM.

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