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Need Help with CollectCorp! / Amex


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Hi All!

I'm new to this forum, but have been reading up on a lot since I received a call from CollectCorp yesterday at my work. If anyone can please advise what I should do next would be greatly appreciated!

Here's my situation, I apologize in advance for the lengthiness:

Last year my bf added me as an authorized user on his Amex account, but things didn't work out between us and we split earlier this year. I did use the Amex when we were together, but told him (and he did) remove my name off his account; this was June of this year. So yesterday, I get a call from a man from CollectCorp at work telling me that my bf had defaulted on his amex card and I'm responsible for paying it now since I had used the card as well. I told him I needed to speak with my ex-bf first to find out the situation, but of course he demanded a payment from me immediately. Anyways, I spoke to my ex-bf last night and he told me he's hasn't been able to make his amex payments (he owes around $8K). However, he was able to log into his Amex acct on amex.com, eventhough there was a note saying that his card is cancelled, he was still given an option to submit a payment for his amex account online.

So here's my question, if he makes a partial payment online via amex.com, will that stop the CA from calling me?

Also, am I really responsible for the debt if he can't pay?


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Send a DV letter to CollectCorp. Inform them that calls to your workplace are not allowed. That will get CollectCorp off your back.

If you were removed from ex-bf's account when you split, there is no way that you can be held responsible for the balance. So, I would check and make sure that your name was taken off the account.

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Just so you know...collection agencies will say practically anything to get someone to cough up money. They really don't care if its the person who actually owes the money. So...

As just an "authorized user" you have no responsibilty for paying this debt, even if you're still listed as such on the account. The account would have to be "joint" for you to be liable...and, in either case, if your ex removed your name, you're off the hook.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with a DV letter. This isn't yours. The next time they call, give them your ex's number and tell them you have no responsibility for that account. Tell them if they persist in contacting you, you'll seek legal counsel.

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Thank you for your responses! I feel so much better now; I have been so stressed out ever since I received CollectCorp's phone call at work yesterday! And for them to call me at work again today, I was absolutely horrified!

So to clarify, since I was only an AU on ex-bf's account, I'm not legally responsible for the debt, right? Also that I shouldn't bother sending them a DV letter, since its not my account?

Thanks again for your responses...it is GREATLY appreciated!!

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Probably not. Technically, you are a "third party" and the FDCPA specifically prohibits discussing debts with third parties. And, the third party can sue under the FDCPA for such things. Depending on how agressive you want to be when you talk with the CA, you might point that out to them as one of the things you'll talk to your lawyer about.

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I'm planning on sending them this letter...any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Collect Corp Inc.

300 International Drive, #100

Williamville, NY 14221

RE: American Express #<xxxxxx>

Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter is being sent to you as a courtesy, in response to the numerous phone calls made to me at my place of employment despite being told specifically not to contact me there. You will not receive any other information from this address. The debt associated with the above account number was incurred wholly and singularly by (ex-bf's name). This is an individual account only and IS NOT a joint liability. Therefore, there is no other individual responsible for this debt. Restitution for any liabilities and/or debts associated with this account will be handled directly through (ex-bf's name). Therefore, please refer all/further communications to:

Ex-BF Name

His Address

His phone number

Please consider this letter as my official CEASE AND DESIST ORDER to you. You are hereby warned that you are not allowed to contact me by telephone, mail, email or any other type of electronic communications. Further communications of any type by mail to my address in the name of 9ex-bf's name) or to me in regards to this matter will result in the envelope or parcel being destroyed/disposed of without being opened.

You are hereby forbidden from making a “hard pull” or “soft pull” of my credit information from any credit reporting agency (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax, and others) without my express written authorization. You are warned that my credit profile is being actively monitored. Should you choose to look into my credit information you will be reported to the credit bureaus as having committed a “non-permissible” credit evaluation. I will also file a formal complaint with the proper authorities including the Federal Trade Commission for retaliatory action against a consumer for exercising state and federal consumer rights. Litigation will follow should you continue to refuse to comply with state and federal law.

Thank you for your time and attention.



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