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My debt has gone to a lawyers office


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Yesterday I was given papers at work stating that a law firm was requesting garnishment of my wages for a credit card I had with Chase. I am not denying that I had the credit card and that I let it get this far because I did do it.

Now I just want to make it right.

The lawyers office told me that if I sent them a certified check for X amount then they would stop garnishment on my wages and that I need to send them a check for X amount by the end of every month.

My original debt and what shows on my credit report is $3, 594 -- the judgment against me is for $5,675.19.

The representative from the law firm told me that there would be a 9% interest rate applied and that once I got close to paying off the entire debt they would give me a final payment amount.

My questions : Is there any way I can get them to settle for less now or am I stuck paying the judgment amount plus all the fees?

I live in IL.

Thank you for any information you can give me.

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Did the law firm actually go thru court or are they just taking it upon themselves to get your employer to garnish? Only a judge can grant a garnishment and also if that happens make sure they follow ALL the rules of garnishing ie. in MO if you are head of household they can only take 10% of your disposable income, in my case the fools got greedy and took 25% of mine and they got legally rocked for it and I got my money back almost immediately so check what your state has to say about stuff like that. I'd push this issue in court if it were me, over 2 grand above and beyond what you owed is bs. Who cares that the jdb's and debt collectors are hurting too in our current economy, those freaks are only adding to the problem by preying on citizens already in distress.

Whole thing sounds a little off to me, if you can possibally afford it I think I'd check into a good consumer atty.

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