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Another slap on the wrist for a CA and its lawyer.

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Thought you guys would like to read an article which encourages the CA's to keep on doing what they are doing:


Here are the most interesting snippets:

After the FTC’s investigations, regulators levied a $1,060,000 civil penalty against the company, all but $225,000 of which was suspended. An attorney, Salvatore Spinelli, was also fined $1,060,000, but his entire fine was suspended due to inability to pay. The FTC did not make clear the connection, if any, between Oxford and Spinelli.

I especially agree with this comment:

"Salvatore Spinelli, was also fined $1,060,000, but his entire fine was suspended due to inability to pay". So this is how debt collection attorneys get treated for their inability to pay? He should be given the same treatment as anybody else who can't pay their debt. Fine him and sick another collector after him and let him know what it feels like. This is outrageous to get this special treatment.
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Even though its settled...as a taxpayer I consider it still owed.

Let's call him tonight at 11 P.m. at home...

Then his neighbors.

Then have neighbors leaving handwritten notes with "deadbeat" on it...

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Yea and PRA should follow the example set and threaten garnishment, incarceration, and cuss up a storm. And by they way, this could be done at all hours of the night and make sure that they call all the neighbors to tell them that he's a dead beat.

In its allegations, the FTC noted that Oxford “falsely threatened that nonpayment of debt would result in garnishment of consumers’ wages, arrest, or legal action.” The Commission also said that Oxford did not adhere to time restrictions in placing collection calls, engaged in third party disclosure, and used profane or abusive language when dealing with some debtors.
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