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Tax Lien Self Release Q

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Hello all, I hope this isn't a question that is here already, I imagine it is, but searching didn't find the exact answer of what is best.

Looking at my report, which I hadn't done for a very long time, I saw there was a Federal Tax Lien on all 3, from 2001. I wrote the nice people at the IRS and quickly received a nice letter saying they apologized for any misunderstanding and that the lien was released. They included a copy with the information and that is was self released.

So I assume I need to send this information to the big 3 reporting agencies, correct? Then what else should I do? From reading other threads I believe I understand that the lien will still show on the report, only as released? And should it ever come off?

Any tips to get me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Did you record the release of lien? I believe your lien release needs to be recorded by you if it is 'self released' but I am not quite sure as I have not heard that exact term before. Once the release is recorded, then contact the CRA's with a copy of the recorded lien release and hopefully they will remove it from your reports.

Look at this IRS link on release of lien: http://www.irstaxattorney.com/liens/part5-liens/certificate_of_release_of_tax_lien.html

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Thank you Denita.

But not sure what you mean by "record the release", and Google didn't help much there. Can you, or anyone else, be more specific?

I found some info about the certificate of release, and an image search shows what it looks like, but here is a scan of what the IRS sent me, along with copies of my statements showing a zero (0) balance.

Would I need to write back and request the Certificate of Release using the form 1450?

Really still confused about this and the order I need to do things.


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I would get in touch with your local IRS office - they are usually much more responsive and helpful than the phone CRS's at the IRS, IMHO.

I looks like from what you posted that the IRS is considering this to be their release but that will not help you with the CRA's at all. Contact the IRS get an official release. Normally when you record something in the public records there is a recording office right in your county (literally it says "Recording") and you can record your release there. Sometimes there is a fee to record, after all it is the county! :)

So 1) Call the IRS (or visit the local office) see if you can get a release and 2) call the recording office to find out what it costs to record the release.

You want to be pro-active on this because having a IRS lien is a big negative on your CR. After you get it recorded then contact the CRA's to get it removed from your report. You may want to check your INNOVIS report first - because they are the one's that usually pick up public record data and submit it to the other 3 CRA's.

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