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Stronger Validation Letter

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I have seen the excellent sample letter that should be sent for debt validation (Sample 9), but is there a more definite letter for cases in which a debt has passed the SOL by about 15 years?

I ask because Sample 9 is a wide-spectrum all-purpose validation letter that would seem to suggest that there may be some doubt in my mind about the debt being past the SOL. I have no doubt that the SOL has passed.

I understand that idea is to get the collectors to prove that the debt has not passed the SOL and in my case, so long as they play honestly; they will not be able to prove it. I just sense that they will twist Sample 9 against me since I would not come across as definitive about this debt. Forums all over are filled with debt collectors playing games with debt validation.

Am I wrong about this theory, or is there a stronger letter sample I could use?


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