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Chase shoots IC System in the Foot!


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How stupid can these guys get?

I was wondering why, after all this time, IC System never validated a debt from Chase (my wife's account).

I finally opened a letter, sent from a PO Box, unsigned, to my wife dated Sept. 25.

From what I can tell, IC System sent the DV request to the alleged OC, Chase. This was about a month after the original DV. So, Chase gets the DV request, and sends a letter to my wife saying they don't have to validate because they are the OC!

Meanwhile, IC System is hung out to dry. I sent an FTV (failure to validate) notice to them last Monday, demanding they close the account.

Also, Chase said they wouldn't honor ANY 'general' requests for documents, but would honor 'specific' requests for documents.

Sounds like I need to take them up on the offer, and request the arbitration agreement. If they send it, I have an up-to-date arbitration agreement. If they don't, that would be a deceptive trade practice.

I will also invoke the arb. agreement. Not so much for THIS account, but mostly for a foreclosure action.

This could get very interesting.

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Update on this: My wife sent a letter to Chase today. Since they sent her a letter saying they would honor specific requests for documentation, she asked for the arbitration agreement. Also, she invoked the arbitration agreement on any and all accounts with Chase past and present.

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