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Confession of Judgement???


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My brother lost his job and had to break his lease for his apartment. The remainder of the lease was given to a collection agency for collection. According to my brother, They told him over the phone that he had to come in to make agreeable payment arrangements or they would sue him and interest would continue accrue. He went to their office a week later. Once he got there he said the rep presented him with a confession of judgment to sign for the amount he owed from his lease. According to my brother the lady told him that if he didn't sign the forms then and there they would sue him and add on attorney fees and court cost and interest.

My brother signed the papers and didnt get a copy of what he was signing. He never got any information in writing from the collection agency after their initial communication by phone. He was told that he could dispute the debt within 30 days. I told him to send them a dv letter immediately. After getting his dv they sent the initial collection letter with the mini miranda, but they have yet to answer the dv. My brother now lives in a state where this state is required to be licensed to collect and they are not. Considering he signed a confession of judgment does he have any options with them not being licensed to collect where he now resides? Since the collection agency is required to send him written correspondence within 5 days of their initial communication and also answer the dv before sending any other collections letters they have 2 violations. I do not think my younger brother knew what he was signing and was kind scared into it.

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