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Settling my ex's debts


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I have no idea if this needs to go in this section or the mortgage section, if its in the wrong place sorry...........

long story as short as I can get it

ex moved out 11/2005 and I can 100% guarantee he made no payments to his credit cards after 12/2005

ex filed bankruptcy 2007, listed me as creditor :cool:

11/2007 rec'd info from a collection agency for RBS stating that I owed them almost 5k that I knew nothing about. I did the validation letters and after time expired on the second they sent me a copy of the credit app with what looks like a copy of my signature. I still deny its mine, but that's not debatable. I pulled a credit report....... eeeek including this creditor the total gift from my ex is/was a little over 18k. RBS is the only one I heard from, and a year after rec'ing the copy of my signature I rec'd another letter from a different collection agency. I took the stand that this should have been settled with the first agency and the validation letters, so I did nothing.

fast forward to now..... I want to refi my mortgage and a second mortgage. I was guaranteed the loan IF I included those debts and paid them off.

Three things bug me about that.......

1: they're not mine, but I know that doesn't count

2: the RBS shouldn't be on my report anymore

3: the SOL in GA is 4 years and I know I'm almost, if not already there

I need some advise please

should I deal with it, take the loan, pay the ex's debt and move on?

wait until the first of next year to do the refi when I know the SOL is expired?

Or any other advise

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