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Received in mail ammended complaint and discovery but nothing was filed

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Thank you for all your help.

The original complaint was striken (I filed Preliminary Objections; plaintiff got 120 days to file ammended complaint; plaintiff is Original Creditor; atty is WWR; I am in PA).

So, now I first received request for production of documents/interragotaries in mail and today ammended complaint. Complaint looks ligit but it was not filed yet with court. I am sure WWR (Weldman etc) will file it sooner or later. They are playing some kind of time game.

I wonder when is my timing starts-from day I was served or from day of official court file? Do I have to answer to something that is not officially filed? But the time they file, the service day will be prior to filing day. This is probably some kind of violation. I would like to postpone answering discovery questions-there is a chance that this new ammended complaint will be striken again. But they might catch me on some question in discovery and file MSJ. Any ideas/experience with such predidatory practices. Thanks.

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