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Hello, am trying settle a LoC/CC debt originally for 35K. OC= B of A who sent it to FIA. FIA offered 50% on the $. I wrote them back further explaining my inqability to pay. Never heard from them again but soon after, started getting nasty calls everyday from IC System, INC from MN. I then insisted on no more phone calls, only written coorespondance.

ICS made another flat offer of 14K then 10K. At the time, about a month ago, I had $8750 & offerred it to settle.

All of this sent by cert. return rec. mail. They have not written back nor countered. Today, I had a message left on my cell from a "girl" who worked for lawfirm So & So asking if it is me, it would be in my best interest to call the number........

What did I do wrong? What should I do?

The loan went into default in April of this year. I am in Southern CA.

Thank you very much!!

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