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Please I Need Help on how to dispute the Childsupport account on my CR.


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I have a childsupport account on my Credit Report, But the Child Support Agency is collecting child support from me every two weeks straight from my pay check, it shows "garnished".

Also I have an installment account on my CR, that i'm making payments every month, and I wanted to remove from my CR, what are the good reason for disputing this items?

On this site, it says to start disputing as "not mine" but this accounts is mine and i'm making payments every month.

Appreciate all your help.

Thank You!

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Why is your credit support requirement being reported to the credit bureaus? Did you or do you have arrears that are not paid?

Maybe this is new - a way that if you do not pay, the child department enforcement bureau has means to go after you.

If you pay on time, it's not going to hurt your credit score.

You ask having an installment account on your CR, that you are making payments every month, and you wanted to removed from your CR? That doesn't make sense. If the account belongs to you - and you are making the payments, it is recorded as such on your credit report. If you try and dispute off your report, the following month the account will be right back on there. However if the account is not yours, you need to contact who ever is putting the information on your report, telling them they got the wrong person.

I spoke to a 35yrs old man yesterday, he told me his ex and him were legally separated. The agreed to split taking care of their child. It was news to him when I told him - when this goes before the courts to finalize the divorce, it will be a court order to garnish his pay check. (I am sure you understand why they do this).

"Garnished" is the normal means they collect your payment child support payment. You can change jobs, six months later they will track you down and the garnishment starts up again at your new employer. You can work off the books, but went year do your tax return, they garnish your tax return. There is no way the dispute what you owe.

You think you have it ruff - have a 24yrs old daughter, paid child support to my first wife for many years. There were times fell behind on my payments. The Child Support Agency to took other means to get it. After she turned 18 my payments stopped in Texas, here in NY the child support continued till the child is 21.

New York C.E.B. still continued to take money from me after she was 18. Two weeks later would receive a check from Texas courts refunding my money. So I stopped paying. They went has far as garnishing my tax return, taking my drivers license away and threatening me with jail time. I took me a year to a to court, to explain where my daughter lived and was under Texas jurisdiction. At the time I thought child support was a pain in the a$$.

Now my daughter has grown, we are much closer. Remarried (hence my name) and have a 14yr old son.

I am glad I paid my daughters child support.....:)


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