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Are the Courts crooked or am I just stupid ?

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Are the Courts crooked or am I just stupid ?

Some courts are crooked. Sad some Lawyers as officers of the court are dishonest , unethical and very criminally Do not know the LAW. Even sadder that some Judges Do not know the Law.

That is the trend right now but it is changing and only because we are changing , it is like my dad always said " give them enough rope and they will hang themself .

In my cases Did they submit false evidence ? Yes Can I prove it ? Yes Did they do it in an act of Ambush ? Yes Can I prove it ? Yes Is the Judge allowing it ? Yes Is the Judge part of it ? If you look at the way our Hearing was held you have to say Yes

Unethical ? Yes Immoral ? Yes Are these JDB lawyers following their Oath ? NO

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