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Yet another Cap1 Issue - TN

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I have been served at my home by Cap1/Finkelstein, Kern, Steinberg & Cunningham of Knoxville, TN.

Amount is $2600+

Account was charged off in 2006

I would like a little help from the forum. I've been reading, and I'm very overwhelmed.

1. This is TN Small Claims Court so no discovery. Is there anything I can do to get the agreement and other "proof" they have of this alleged debt?

2. Due to the time since charge off, I find it hard to believe that Cap1 is the plaintiff despite what is reported. I have seen others question it and wonder if it will do any good to question that.

3. I would like to include arbitration in my answer to the court.

Any help you all can offer on how to go about the answer would help me a lot. I have seen things very simple and very complex.

Here is what I received with summons:

Affidavit from "associate" of Cap1 in VA. Nothing else. Did include account number and such but no proof of debt and no title or other info for their "witness."

Thanks for your help.

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