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Any truth to Verizon getting iphone next year?

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I'm 14 months into a contract with AT&T. Phone is an LG Vu. Touch screen is going bad. This is the 2nd one I've had. I hate the phone, and it is now out of warranty. So I have no other choice than to buy one.

I can, however, get the iphone prorated if I want. But I'll have to restart my 2 years. I hate AT&T. Lot of dropped calls, unreliable billing, and rude csa's. But the iphone is tempting to me. I've heard rumors that Verizon will get the iphone next year when the AT&T contract is up. Does anyone know for sure? If so, I may just buy a phone on ebay and wait it out. But if not, I see no reason not to take the plunge.


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To answer your question about the iPhone, the Apple-AT&T exclusive agreement expires next year. It makes perfect sense for Apple to branch out to other carriers as the iPhone has only 2% of total phone market. The iPhone avalanche has just begun- they need to extend their phones to other networks to penetrate market share. Verizon looks like it may be next to come to an agreement. I would bet that in 2010, this will happen on the day the Apple-iPhone agreement expires.

Regarding networks, I've had 'em all. Sprint-Nextel is the absolute worst (1 out of 10). AT&T is so-so (5 out of 10), and Verizon is fantastic (a 9.5 out of 10). I can honestly tell you that I probably drop less than 1 call per month, even in elevators, tunnels, in my basement, etc. Their network is second to none. It must be that nerdy looking guy and his thousands of Verizon friends at work. :D

Regarding phones, I have had Samsung phones for the past 8 years. And here is why. I jumped in the ocean with my cellphone in my pants pocket and went for a swim years ago. After two days of drying it out, the Samsung phone worked perfectly. After FOUR years, that same phone was becoming obsolete but was still working perfectly, even the battery! At that point, I knew they put out quality product. My current phone is a Samsung phone that I bought in March 2006. On Monday, I bent down to put down my dog's water bowl and wouldn't you know my phone slipped out of my pocket and right into the bowl? The phone was soaked. I pulled off the battery, gave it two days, and as of Wednesday, it works like new again. I have been overdue for a "free" phone by almost two years now- but why waste a good product? My wife's LG phone lasted 14 months, then kicked out on her.

Just one man's experience.....

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I currently have a Blackberry though Verizon, six more months before I can upgrade. The Iphone looks really cool and I have been looking into them, but the ones that will be available next year will have limited capabilities. See link... http://nexus404.com/Blog/2009/11/12/verizonatt-hybrid-iphone-not-coming-next-year-qualcomm-dual-carrier-chips-ready-only-in-2011/

Right now very happy with Verizon - last week Cable-vision came by my house and offered (phone, TV - Family package, cable 20meg down/5 meg up) the same package I have now for $85 per month. Currently paying $125 a month.

Called up Verizon mention I was going to switch to Cable-vision, they lowered my monthly bill to include TV - 2yr Showtime package, 3 month HBO/Cinimax, telephone, internet 35 meg down/ 20 meg up. All for $88 bucks a month. ("It is sick on the download speeds for movies and music!!!!!")

They also include my cell phone into one bill.

Called up Verizon wireless for my blackberry, mentioned I was thinking about going over to A.T.&T. They reduced my bill to $88 per month, 900 minute plan, email, and internet.

The price wars on upon us, try it for yourself........:):):)

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