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Dv'd and got a response - is this a scam?


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My account with GAP has been sent to a CA - I guess. I got a letter from them a while back which I DV'd and I got a response back from them a few days ago. This is what it said below. However, it was in a handwritten envelope which looks very suspicious to me. Should I try to negotiate with them or just call the OC?

"In response to your request for validation of your account, enclosed please find copies of the monthly billing statements. These billing statements reflect the transactions that were applied to the account for the enclosed time period.

In closing, we would like to stress that compliance is very important to GE Money Bank and GAP, and we follow applicable laws."...

I sent the DV letter to Encore Receivable Management but the response came back from GE Money. Is this the OC? I am so confused... My first offer to Citi was refused and then they sold my account and won't talk to me about a settlement...


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