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Getting Money Back From Attorney?

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A long while ago I wanted to file for bankruptcy but my BK attorney said that I had to get caught up with my mortgage payments first because my house is something that could be taken away from me. And he advised me to stop making payments on everything else before I file for BK.

Unfortunately, it took a couple of years to get caught up on my house payments because it took so long to finally get funded for a second mortgage.

Long story short, I want the money I paid to my BK attorney back (because I won’t ever have to file for bankruptcy).

The BK attorney has never done anything for me but he has consulted me a couple of times. And more or less that was it (so in other words, he helped me ruin my credit).

And this BK attorney is also impossible to get a hold of. He has laid off his paralegal, his legal secretary, and finally laid off his part time morning receptionist. No one answers his office phone anymore but the couple of times I dropped by his office this year I just found the light on to his office.

Also, the last couple of times I spoke to his part time receptionist before her last day of work she said that he does everything himself (especially since he laid everyone off) like filling out paperwork, etc; she wasn’t a legal secretary, only a receptionist.

And because of a new job I have I cannot try to “surprise” him by popping into his office.

So what is an effective way to get my money back (since years have elapsed and he has never done anything for me)?

I don’t want to treat him like a debt collector because he has something I want (my money). And in a previous lifetime I was an office manager and an accountant for a law firm. Their attitude was not to pay any of their bills (unless it was something that could be taken away from them like their copier).

They felt that since they were lawyers these vendors were never going to sue them. So that is why I want to handle this matter very gently and diplomatically (and this money could come in really handy right now).

Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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