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Fair Debt Collection Act

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Cach LLC on there Answers to my Interrogatories said they are a assignee on the Debt opened, Yet there Affidavit they supply me said they purchased the Debt, is this a violates the Fair Debt Collection Act????

Also before I was Sued, I requested debt validation they sent me a Affidavit of debt with 5 old statements, then a month later Sued me, is this true Debt Validation????

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It depends... were the statements on CACH's letterhead or on the original creditors?

If it was on CACH's, then you do have a violation. If it wasn't, then there's no violation.

on there Answer to my Questions during Discovery they state they are a signee of the Account, on there Affidivitt of debt they gave me from the OC, it says they purchased the Debt

they are Contradicting themselfs

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