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When can a DV be filed?

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We already had our first court date in October and they set the arbitration date for April 2010. I filed an answer and affirmative defense to which the plantiff (JDB - FIA Card Services) filed a motion to dimiss. The court date is on Friday (10/20/09) and I am at a loss of what to do. Can I file a DV now and postpone the court date or do I try and find a lawyer before Friday to help. I really do not have the money to hire a lawyer, but I also do not want to pay everything they are asking...especially since they are a JDB and NOT the original creditor.

They have provided no proof that BoA sold them this debt...so my question is can I stil file a DV at this point in time?

Please help...I posted yesterday and received no answers.

Thanks in advance!!!

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The court appearance in October was an arbitration summons...basically nothing happened other than the court assigning a date in April 2010 for the arbitration to take place. Before our court date in October I filed the answer and affirmative defenses. Since the court date, the law firm filed a motion to strike the affirmative defenses and the court set a hearing date for this Friday. Sorry for the confusion!

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