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Medical Debt Validation

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Hi - this is my first post.

I sent a DV letter to a CA collecting on a $168 debt from an OC called "*xxcounty* Emergency Associates". I'd found this item on my credit report.

In response to my DV letter, they said that because of HIPAA, they couldn't release any information other than the name of the business (**Emergency Associates), a date (June, 2004) and the bill amount of $168. That's it. They attached a printout that had my name on it, the name of the business and the figure $168.

I have contacted them several times asking them for the address of the OC so I could contact them directly, but in response they just keep mailing me the same HIPPA letter with the same exact printout attached. I now have 3 identical copies.

- Does this constitute validation?

- I have recently moved to MASS from another state. The state I was living in previously has a 3 year SOL. MA has 6 years. Which state's SOL counts? The one I lived in when acquiring the alleged debt, or my current state of residence?

Thanks for any info!

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After doing extensive reading on this site and others, I'm more confused than ever.

I have now found an address for the Emergency Associates in a city I used to live in. Do I write to them and ask for validation, even though they've sold the account to a collection agency? Is this what a 623 dispute is for, or is a 623 only for debts that have not been sent to collections?

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You are wasting your time, imo. This sounds like a bill from an ER visit for a service billed separate from the hospital bill-a lab read, radiology interpretation, who knows...really, $168, who cares about DV? Make it go away. Write letters to the collection agency, with proof of delivery and tell them you will pay the $168 in exchange for a delete on your credit file. Get the agreement in writing. Create a paper trail so they will follow through. Otherwise, let them sue you for $168.

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