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help with current situation with court action in Tennessee

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I went to the Shelby County clerks office last week to try to get payments set up through the court. Apparently this also requires a court date; our next court date is on December 3rd. I was told this time that no judgment had been passed yet and this next court date is to determine if we can make payments or not.

I had to fill out a form listing all of our expenses and debts for myself and my husband. Then I had to sign a form saying how much I could pay a month. I put down only $50. (You can't get blood from a turnip!!) It cost me $25 to file this and since I went down by myself, the papers now say Citifinancial vs. Susan Boyle; not both of us. For it to be listed as Citifinancial vs. Mr. and Mrs. Boyle, I was told my husband had to go down and file his forms also and pay another $25 fee.

I don't understand why it is set up that way on the paperwork and why the process occurs like this. Citifinancial summoned both us because the debt is in both of our names and since we are married, I assumed everything is considered "joint". The paper I filled out with our expenses and debts on it include his and mine both. I am really nervous about this next court appearance.

Any information, advice, or recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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