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Can I Sue If I Just got a Default Judgment Set Aside?

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I just got a Default Judgment set aside because the JDB had the following in their suit:

1. Wrong Legal Name of Debtor (They said it was a typo but I showed it was not likely a typo)

2. Descreprency on Original Creditor, Debt Amount, Date of Acquiring the account from Original Creditor.

3. Created doubt if I was properly served.

Working to get the case totally dismissed with the Hearsey effect cases along with, staute of Fraud, SOL.

However, the Plaintiff started wage garnishment, notice to tax refund garnishment, and I now have a negative reporting on Experian on the Judgment.

The Judge ordered the cancellation of wage garnishment until this case is complete. He Stated I have 14 days to work something out with the Plaintiff not sure what he meant by that so I will check back an review my case file to learn what he wrote

Can I sue the Plaintiff for this lawsuit? Can I do a Class action lawsuit for the credit reportings, wage garnishments for FDCPA ?

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Its not only your right to sue everyone in sight, ITS YOUR OBLIGATION to shape these jokers up from doing it to someone else.

If you son't sue, what happens to the 80 year old grandma that has no idea how to deal with this?

Do it for all the abused grandmothers out there!

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