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Important Facts about Capital One


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If you’re being sued by Capital One … you should know they have 44 million card holders and at this time they have over a 10% default rate. That means over 4 million customers are in default (not that I feel bad). The chances that errors occur on your billing and records are huge! Ask for discovery on everything and demand someone come to court to testify. Point these facts out to the Judge if arguments are made concerning discovery or live testimony.

PM me if you want some arbitration ideas on how to use this effectively in your complaint.

Read: What's in your mailbox? Probably an offer from Capital One. One of the top credit card issuers in the US, Capital One offers Visa and MasterCard plastic with a variety of rates, credit limits, finance charges, and fees. Products range from platinum and gold cards for preferred customers to secured and unsecured cards for customers with poor or limited credit histories. The company, which boasts more than 44 million cardholders in the US, Canada, and the UK, also provides auto financing, health care finance, and other lending products. In addition, Capital One has more than 700 bank branches, mainly in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Texas; it expanded its franchise by buying Chevy Chase Bank in 2009.

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