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Threatend to be Sued? Person who called gave a docket # and said they were from arb!!


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I have gotten several calls from some people saying that Bank of America has charged off my account and that they are trying to work out a agreement..One person stated that I could pay $6000 (borrow it or something they said) and then the next said that if I don't call by 6pm today that I am going to be sued. the last guy gave me a docket # and said that if I call today to make an arrangement it won't be filed. i am scared and confused. I want to make an agreement and not be sued. He identified himself as arbitration. I have no info of the agency or who these people are. Please help!

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Get the docket number and ask them which county the complaint was filed in then call the clerk of courts to see if there is a complaint filed. Arbitration is a less formal sit down with you and the bank's attorney and a

supposedly neutral Arbitrator. I don't see how the Arbitrator should be harassing you for money over the phone. Smells fishy.

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Thanks so much!! That's what I am confused about..I was trying to make payments to BOA and then I get these messages about them trying to collect for them..then a docket #? I need to call them back to see where they filed even thought hey said they haven't yet? So how do they have a docket #?

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Your being scared/coerced into making a payment. You don't even know who owns the debt. Was it charged off ? If so, you could be trying to deal with B of A while a junk debt collector is attempting to get paid on the same account.

Slow down, stay calm and get the facts. Until you have been served, I would not give a second thought about the docket. Get the name and address of this so called arbitrator. If you think he is bogus, it might be time to send him a cease and desist letter requiring them to contact you only by mail. Then you can slow things down to find out what's truly going on. You think your at the end of your rope, but you are only at the beginning.

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Even if your worst and unfounded fear is realized, AN ARBITRATOR WOULD NEVER, EVER CALL YOU AT HOME EXPARTE!

Relax, this is a scumbag pretending to be an arbitrator.

I'm just amazed this debt collection tactic is being used, so it must be somewhat effective.

As someone who is going through legitimate JAMS arbitration...it took six months just to settle on an arbitrator!

This is a scam pure and simple. Play with him and ask for a name, address, who he works for, the arbitration forum (here's where the lie could really pay $$$ for you), and his immediate supervisor.

If he says something like NAF or National Arbitration Forum....oh man, big, big payday for you! (The actual NAF might even sue on your behalf.)

Play with this guy. Ask him for a copy of arbitration clause? Ask him which forum he is with? Who filed the claim? When were you selected as arbitrator? Where are the forum rules? Where are the forum's consumer rules? Tell them those rules allow you to help select arbitrator? Tell him you exercise the arbitration clause under JAMS? Ask him when you can get the $500 advance required for your arbitration fees under contract? Tell him you need it FEDex next day.

I just have fun with scumbags like this!

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Oh boy..the docket # he left on my voice mail was only 8 numbers! Thanks guys!! I need to be sending you $$$!! Now I have tried to get info. with out talking to this guy directly..I called back and it is some place called Creditors Exchange. How can I get info. without talking to someone who will most likely be hostile and try to scare me further?

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I should have guessed.

I just sued these guys! These guys are neck deep scum. They are close to being the worst in my experience. They told me I could never have a jury over the claim, that I was "stupid" thinking I could appeal their judgment, and threatened to sue (after they claimed they already had a judgment).

ACE's employees are somewhere between the crap you scrap off your shoes after walking through the mud and the crap you scrap off your shoes after walking through the cow pasture.

I reccomend you get a consumer attorney, have him instruct you how to "ripen this claim" (tee it up) up for you.

ACE is going to pay my kids next vacation to Disney world.

PM me the phone number...I'll tell you who it is...

If it is Associated Creditors Exchange from Arizona, you won the debt collection lottery!

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It could also be:

Creditors Exchange aka Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC

2875 Union Rd

Cheektowaga, New York 14227-1465

Phone: 800-693-3455

Fax: 716-614-7611

Under the FDCPA, they must send a dunning letter within 5 days of initial contact with you. If they fail to do so, then they have violated.

They've got a pretty extensive history of being sued...

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Thanks! for that info. Wow..Not sure I feel any less "frantic" now...

I am not sure where they are from because I just called the 800 number they left for me to return their calls and it indicated that it was Creditors Exchange.

Should I speak to someone and get some more info.? I have not received any correspondence from them..just the calls.

Should I try to get an attorney now or try to work with them? are they JDB's too..

Do I wait to be served?

This is all so daunting....

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Neither one of them is authorized to practice law in your state. They cannot make any legal threats (unless they intend to follow through).

Contractual Arbitration is impossible for them to follow through these days!

They violated FDCPA either way!

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Guest BrokeBob

From Google I get a case against 'Creditors Interchange', with a Mr. Zimmer at the number. This is from a case filed against them in federal court (Eastern District of PA).

Look at the link:


This gives the name of the company, and their address and phone number.

In fact, if you sue them, you could refer to this case.

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Ran accross this at another site it matched the number from op:

Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC ***

80 Holtz Dr Airborne Business Pk.,

Cheektowaga, NY 14225-1470

Phone: (716) 614-7500

Fax: (716) 614-7546

also known as "The Benchmark Group"

Web Address: www.creditorsinterchange.com


BEWARE of scam - Interchange Collectors call, posing as "Senior Prosecutors from State Agencies threatening immediate legal action.

Creditor's Interchange collectors are liars and con men. They should never be trusted. Record their calls where legal. Do not give them any banking or credit card information.


Other Offices:

Bruce H. Gray, President

Tom Wilcox, Director of Marketing

Appletree Business Park Ste 9

2875 Union Rd

Cheektowaga, NY 14227-1465

Fax: (716) 614-7546

8550 Erie Rd

Angola, NY 14006-9612

Phone: (800) 693-3455

Fax: (716) 614-7611

2700 W. Cypress Rd Ste 100

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33319

Phone: (800) 963-3455

Fax: (716) 614-7611

23355 Mercantile Rd., Suite 9000 A

Beachwood, OH 44122

Fax: (216) 464-0600


Bud Says...

These dirt bags have a history of not being able to control their collectors. Below is the results of an action taken against them last year in Minnesota;


Against: Collection Agency

Action: Cease & Desist/Consent

Signed: 2/2/2004 $10000 Fine

File # CA 2303834 KRJ


Respondent allowed collectors to threaten actions they had no intention of taking and allowed unlicensed collectors to contact MN residents.

We have just recently received another interesting piece of information about Creditors Interchange. The State of New York is fed up with the unlawful practices of these knuckle-heads. Because of complaints from consumers about Creditors Interchange they were forced to sign a Assurance of Discontinuance to the New York AG. In other words; "We promise not to break the law again". I have attached a copy of the court document in .pdf format. If anyone has problems with this guys please send a letter to the New York AG office, I'm sure they can make sure you are heard.

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