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Disputing with CRA


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Aside from disputing CA TL's, I am also disputing other information listed on my CR's.

The first is names - there are several variations of my name listed, a couple of which are not even close. When I dispute this I will have to send a copy of my ID along with the dispute. Will they only report this, or can they report some variations (such as with or without the Jr. suffix)? Also, will the deletion of name inaccuracies also cause the deletion of TL's associated with them?

The second is addresses - several previous addresses are still being reported. I have lived at my current address for five years. Just exactly what to I report on this? Do I just simply state the addresses shown are inaccurate and that my address is what it is now?

The third is employment - I am currently unemployed. The two places of employment currently reported are from more than 12 years ago. One of the companies no longer even exists.

Any insight or guidance is, as usual, greatly appreciated. I'm ready to get on the road to credit recovery!


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