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Answered, Now What?

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My wife was sued by a LVNV company about 5 months ago, and I made an answer and a $35k counter-claim. I have not heard anything what so ever since. I expected atleast a call from there lawyer. What next? A motion for summery judgement? A motion for dismissal?

I want to get this over with and didn't expect it to go so long after my answer(frankly it was a stupid answer to a stupid company, but hey, it has been 6 years and may be time barred.)

Any help out there?

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09/02/2009 Filing: I1 - Initial Appearance by persons other than the plaintiff or petitioner Paid by: (defendant) Receipt number: xxxxxxx Dated: 9/2/2009 Amount: $xxxx (Cash) For: (defendant)

09/02/2009 Answer (Pro Se)

09/18/2009 Return Of Service 8-12-09

09/18/2009 Affidavit of LVNV Lawyer

09/18/2009 Memorandum of Costs

This is what the court website has listed as actions since filing the answer

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If they didn't answer your counterclaim go get a default on your counterclaim. You'll still have to deal with their initial claim if they ever move forward with the suit.

If you can get a default it is huge leverage. They will try to file some BS motion to vacate later and an attorney will fall on his sword and pay some small sanction, but if you get the default they may be willing to just drop the entire action altogether.

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