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Need help fast


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Here is the short version:

Sued by cap One Attorny.

Filed answer

we moved to another county, filed address change with Att and court

nothing for awhile

find out via phone call to court they filed ammended complaint. ( never got copy due to move)

on advice from here I filed motion to quash with court date for Jan

today I get a notice to consumer or employee and objections, Cap one wants my bank with my car loan to provide them info on my last 3 electronic payments, like they want my banking info? They have till DEC 5 to respond.

I have until 5 days prior to object and notify them, I just got this in today mail. They mailed it to my old address and if forwarded.

Get this, its dated NOV 5 but postmarked NOV 20.

SO what do I do and how do I do it, and fast???

I live over 4 hours from the court so going there not an option.

Also, I have received no notice of default judgement or anything.


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Fast reply, thanks!!

This is exactly what I want to do, how do I do it? I have a motion to quash service pending based on the address change.

How do I stop this bank deal?

Also, I cant find out until monday as the court is not online if they somehow got a default judgement based on them thinking they served me and did not.

Thanks again and thanks in advance for the continued advice

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CAUTION: This has been known to throw debt lawyers into fits of rage!

So be prepared to swing the stick with a motion to compel for the really learning impaired debt lawyer bar association.

If they threaten further litigation in any manner after doing this...they violate FDCPA.

I got a doozy of a case against debt lawyer and law firm for litigating in face of court order to arbitrate.

It is glorious.

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