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Just got served

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Here is a link to the website with California court forms, although the site seems to be down at the moment:


You want form PLD-C-010, Answer-Contract or PLD-050, General Denial.

Here are direct links to those forms, also not working for me at the moment:



If these links don't start working again, there's a very helpful book from Nolo Press called Win Your Lawsuit by Judge Roderic Duncan. Find it at your library or book store. It has copies of these forms in the appendix. For that matter, see if you can get copies of the forms at the courthouse.

Assuming you want to fight the lawsuit, you will need to file one of these forms, denying their claims and asserting your Affirmative Defenses. You'll need to post details of your case to get more specific advice; there's a Sticky at the top with a list of questions to answer.

Good luck.


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