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Request From Lawyer For A Final Interview Before ?

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Hi! :)

I had received 3 calls yesterday from representatives from Chase and Capital Management. The representative from Capital Management only stressed that they were working on behalf of Chase, and to please give them a call.

The other two calls were from one same person. This was a Julie Jareck. She stated that she was a senior auditor with Chase.

She had said in both calls that she received a file on me, with a request from a lawyer for a final interview with me immediately, this past Friday, 12/4/2009. She left a number to call her at. She told me that what we had to discuss was time-sensitive, and that she had to hear from her by the end of this past Friday. I did not learn of these calls until today, 12/5/2009.

My question is this:

What is happening now in the case of the 2nd caller, and Chase, pertaining to a lawyer?

(I suspect this is related to the other person who had called from Capital Management.)

I live in California. I am currently, still, unemployed. I do have debt with Chase that is now 1 year and a month old. I can't pay Chase anything yet because of my unemployment status.

I had sent Chase debt validation letters, to which they had responded over the summer. With all of the harassing calls I had been receiving, my answering machine was totally packed with all of these messages from debt collectors, so much so that the only message my answering machine was playing was, "The memory is full."

Everyone's input is especially appreciated.

Thank you for your time and attention to my post!



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It never ceases to amaze me the B.S. debt collectors go through!

Here's good way to check:

Call Chase (from number on statement or back of card)

If they talk to you, its still in house with Chase.

If they transfer you to a lawyer, this Julie Jareck works for Capital managment and you can sue Capital Managment for FDCPA violations.

Debt collectors cannot lie to you about who they are!!!!!


Say yes I would like that "final interview"..."I immediately exercise the Chase arbitration clause and waive your litigation rights to sue over this claim."

Now that you have no right to sue....what did you want to talk about?

(If they threaten arbitration instead, they violated your rights! Trap them. Its fun!)

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Hi TrueQ!

Thank you for your response. I will do as you recommended to check.

I had forgotten to mention: I had 3 accounts with Chase. As of 10/28/2009 according to Experian, one of these accounts was "sold to another lender", the other two were charged off.

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