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Poor Student,Multiple Emergency Room Visits

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Hi, I had to go to the emergency room a lot a few years ago. The doctor's billing people never billed my insurance correctly, I think they were sending the claims to the wrong claims address or some screwup like that. However, the hospital facility itself received payment just fine with the same information. I never got the bills in the mail but they said they sent them all (the insurance company never sent me an EOB either?). Anyway, now the amount is HUGE because they are putting the whole amount on me + fees and interest through a collection agency. Some of the ER visits were from 4 or 5 years ago. The SOL here for Colorado for good and service contracts is 3 years I think.

*I'm wondering if the insurance mistakes could be a defense in court because I think they're going to do a judgement.

*Also I'm wondering, is the SOL running on each ER visit? Or can the billing office/collection agency say my debt of last activity is my most recent visit and put them all into one "big account" ?

The hospital visits are billing each with a different account number, but I'm not sure how that doctor's office is doing it. I do know that the doctor's visits are all separate credit report items, so maybe that means different account numbers. So how should I calculate the SOL here? Any help is really appreciated, I'm really terrified because I'm unemployed and still have health stuff to take care of.

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