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Can i sue colection agentie for pulling my report?


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I was looking on the site about eraseing my inquires and i'v read something about CA not being alowed to pull u'r credit report.

The fact is that i have a hard inquire on my report from Asset Acceptance LLC that i didn't aprove and i didn't know about when i paid the colection.

I was reading that is a violatian under the FCRA and i can sue them about this. The thing is that i even send them a letter (certfied) telling them to erase this inquire and they didn't send me anything back (two months ago).

Can anyone tell me if i can do something about this ...and if is posible,how cwn i do"it?

thank you very much

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"Permissible Purpose" aka PP

FCRA Sec. 603(a)(3)(A)

"...intends to use the information in connection with a credit transaction

involving the consumer on whom the information is to be furnished and

involving the extension of credit to, or review or collection of an account

of, the consumer;..."

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