Need ideas on what hubby can say to JDBs

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Need some suggestions. I have some zombie debt that was charged off 17+ years ago. Also, hubby's ex is always in financial straights and has used our phone number occasionally on her past paperwork so we get many calls for her as well. Some of the JDBs/CAs think I'm her when I answer so I no longer answer the phone for obvious reasons. We have debated about changing the phone number but hubby uses it for a non prof he's President of so that isn't possible for now.

When the JDBs/CAs call, what can I suggest that he say to them so he can find out if they are calling for me or his ex when he answers the phone? He has asked me and I have given some ideas but would like to have other opinions as well.


(Humor appreciated!)

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So, are they asking for Mrs. X, and not by the first name, or do you both have the same first name? That could get really weird. Of course, 'Which Mrs. X" comes to mind first. Of course he could always pretend to be a polygamist, and say something like, "I have a lot of wives, which one are you looking for?" and then, whatever the answer, say, "Oh, yes, wife number 17!"

Something interesting just popped into my head. I remember when I was in graduate school I seperated from my first wife. For a little while we still kept in touch, but that didn't last long. Anyway, after the seperation I found a new girlfriend. One Saturday I was working in a lab at my college, while my girlfriend was doing some homework at my apartment. Suddenly, something went BOOM. I was lucky in two ways. First, I was lucky another grad student happened to be visiting my lab at the time. He phoned for help. Second, I was lucky I was wearing glasses with very wide lenses. I should've been wearing safety glasses, but I wasn't. Had I not been wearing glasses, my eyes would've turned to tapioca. As it was, my glasses sort of melted a bit.

As I was leaving, one of the professors stopped by to check on the situation. I didn't know the guy very well, so I don't know if he knew about my seperation or not. So, I gave him two numbers, and asked him to call up my wife and my girlfriend to tell them what had happened. It took me a rather long time to realize how strange that must've sounded.

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Thanks folks. As far as the ex, he now gives them her fathers phone number. They still call anyway. As you know some don't when to quit or their stupidity is mind boggeling.

I guess what bugs my hubby is if he tells them I'm not here, the calls are relentless and they won't tell him who they are and that they must speak to me about a private matter. Blah, blah, blah. I guess I should tell him to get a phone number to return the call or get an address if possible and then do the FOAD. The big issue is they won't tell him anything and keep calling.

I do like BrokeBobs idea. We do have a few polygamists in Colorado....

Oh - as far as talking to debt collectors... I have been dealing w/ JDB's for over 15 years now. I use to work for a lawyer as a P.I. so I learned a few tricks. If they insist on having a conversation, the end result is a complaint starting at the state level. I have gotten a few in deep trouble and have had great joy in doing so.

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Try this on for size:

" I am not your debtor, I do not know your debtor and I have no established business relationship with you. If you or anyone else from your company calls me again you will be in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and I will be suing you for $500 just for the phone call and $1500 for each subsequent phone call. This call has been recorded for playback in front of the Judge. Good day."


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