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Mortgage approval with Student Loans


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We are trying to get a mortgage and we did just my husband. His credit is in the mid 700s and has no debt other than our 2 car payment which are joint with me. The bank said we need to show that I pay one of the payments which I do. We got a call today stating that they want more than the 3.5 % down or a co signor beacuse it "looks" like he is transfering money from our joint savings to my checking to cover the car payment.

My quetion is now, my credit is not to good I have student loans that I have been in rehab with for 2 years now and they keep loosing my loans and it just been a big giant mess. If I were to go on the loan how would that affect the possibility of helping. How do student loans figure into the equation for Mortgages?? Any help would be appreciate!

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