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feedback on IL small claims motion

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howdy all:

in IL we can file motions in small claims court too. the form doesn't leave much space for explanation, so you have to be very brief. will y'all read my motion to dismiss with prejudice and offer your opinions? here is the text:

Plaintiff JDB


Defendant Sad Jane

(date and all that formal stuff was filled in too)

Motion by Defendant Sad Jane for Dismissal with Prejudice

Defendant Sad Jane moves this Court to grant the following relief:

I, Defendant Sad Jane, humbly pray the Court to Dismiss with Prejudice this case on the following grounds:

1. Plaintiff states that JDB is authorized to do business in the State of Illinois. This is false. JDB does not have a license to do business in the State of Illinois as stipulated by the Illinois Collection Agency Act.

2. Plaintiff lacks evidence to pursue this complaint. Plaintiff:

a) includes hearsay;

B) includes a Bill of Sale which does not directly stated that the Plaintiff has purchased the specific debt alleged;

c) includes a Statement of Accounts that is not supported by signatures or receipts;

d) includes an agreement which has not been signed by the Defendant in lieu of the actual contract alleged.

(the actual wording varies slightly. i still don't know exactly how the trolls who might roam the site work.)

thanks in advance for any opinions.


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