what about beer?

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My company has a branch in Bremen, Germany, home of some of the world's best beers. There is a really nice place in Bremen, across the river from the Becks' brewery, that is wonderful in the summertime. Right by the river, there is a park with lots of tables and vendors that sell pretzels and Becks. Across the street, but still close to the river, there are restaurants where one can eat outside, drink massive amounts of beer, and enjoy the weather and the scenery. At one place they went in to find a waitress who had studied in the US. THAT is service.

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Yes, beer is supposedly good for people in many ways, particularly dark beer. I'm not going to cite sources, so you can look it up yourself. And if you're determined to disagree, you're going to, anyway. Is anything other than water 100% good for you or 100% bad for you?

BrokeBob, I thought Beck's was something manufactured and exported specifically for Americans to drink (thinking it's the kind of beer Germans like while not knowing any better) but not actually consumed in Germany.

*edit: oops, I was a little bit off on that. It was St. Pauli Girl I was thinking of.

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It's been a while since I've been to Germany. I used to go there a lot on business. When I am there, I make sure to try out the local beers. And if the local beer is Becks, why not?

As far as the health goes, the whole point of beer instead of water is that the alcohol in beer would kill germs. So, beer was healthier! A lot of the breweries were in areas where the water could be deadly. For example, the Amstel River in Holland led to a lot of deaths for water drinkers, but those who drank the beer, now called Heiniken, lived.

Interesting: the Asians used tea for the same effect. Boiling water for tea kills the germs. So, there are a LOT of Asians who cannot drink much at all. They are missing a crucial enzyme. The enzymes in the body convery ethanol to ethanal (which is poisonous) and so on to CO2 plus H2O and energy. Those missing the enzyme to digest the ethanal are in trouble. A number of Asians will turn bright red when they've had a bit to drink.

I think genetics played a role. Those Europeans who could not digest alcohol had to drink water, and died. Those Asians who could not digest alcohol drank tea, and lived.

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I only drink domestic light beer (I will throw in an occasional ale here or there), I am proud to be an American even though the beer sucks. Yuengling and Sam Adams light are my favorite.

Ditto on Yuengling! Great stuff! Sam Adams is good too! Guinness Stout when I'm in the mood. xbeer)

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