what about beer?

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I actually don't like hops. I do like a Belgian White though, such as Blue Moon. There's a lot of good microbreweries here in Colorado.

I am a fan of Breckenridge. Utah also has a decent microbrewery too. Wasatch. I am a big fan or The Devastator. It's aptly named too, though The Debilitator or The Defibrillator would also be suitable names. It has a wonderful flavor, but drinking a 6-pack of it is about like drinking a 12-pack of Coors Light in terms of the crunk factor.

Even NM has some good microbreweries. Sierra Blanca is one of my favorites, and Marble Brewery has one of the best Nut Brown Ales I have ever tried. Too bad you can only get it (the nut brown) at the brewery or in restaurants.

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Cant wait to get back to Aruba for that Amstel Bright!!! Love this!!! Can't find it anywhere here in U.S.

I don't like the tiny bottles beer comes in there! It seems like it is 10 ounces or less :lol: I also don't think the Balashi (Sp?) local beer is all that good either.

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COLD beer is my favorite kind.

*** Excessive punctuation does not do my definition of cold beer justice.

Same here. I went to Europe a few years ago and had to get used to drinking WARM beer. For some reason they don't like it cold in many places over there...

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