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Amount Owed to CA is different than OC


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I contacted the credit union that i have a charged of loan for a vehicle with to work out a settlement. They advised me that CBR Collections is handling my account.

When I called them the agreed to a settlement, so i asked them to send me a letter stating the settlement. The first letter they sent had the incorrect account number, and the second time it was an amount more than the balance. They told me it was interest charges.

Either way the settlement is still less than half the original debt and i need to get this paid ASAP as i am in escrow and it is a condition of my loan.

Should I go ahead and pay the settlement amount they agreed to or should i be worried about the original amount?

Also i want to get this paid ASAP as i stated before, but as i have read check by phone and debit cards are not a wise move. What are other options to get this paid as fast as I can that I can trace?


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