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Filing your case In Forma Pauperis

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From what I recall, the federal filing fee is $350.

While I do have a decent income, $350 is a lot to lay out. My current finances are very tight.

Has anyone had success filing In Forma Pauperis (IFP)? Is this only granted for those who are unemployed or otherwise indigent?

Does the judge or clerk review the merits of your case? Will they grant an IFP application for issues such as FDCPA/FCRA violations?

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My state law is much easier to get a fee waiver. 7 times in 10 the Defendant in FDCPA action will remove to Federal Court and pay the $350 fee for you.


If you can't get state fee waiver. File in state court if it costs less.

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My state's judicial ciommission drafted a fee waiver form bypassing asset consideration!

If you get food stamps or state medical aide, assets don't matter. If you receive either program you are granted court fee waiver!

So if your state does same thing, file in state court...let defendant pay federal removal fee!

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This depends on the contract.....


I've had tremendous success getting a fee waiver from both AAA and JAMS!!!

Arbitration gives you a lot of upfront leverage to name a settlement number...non consumer party rarely wants to choke up the initial $1700-$3000 in forum fees!!!

I have a debt collector in AAA that seems willing to write me a $2000 check, one week after filing the arbitration, over one letter rather than pay the $1700 in fees to the forum.

JAMS allows fee waiver for anyone under 300% FPL (which is a high number), asets are not a consideration. Its super easy if you live in California, they got a special form posted for it. I filled out my state court fee waiver form to them and they sent me a one page form to fill out...boom...fee waiver from JAMS. Non-consumer party pays the rest.

Get creative...I refuse to pay any court or arbitration fee to conduct my total legal war against debt collectors.

I only intend to receive funds, not pay them out.

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