5 Points left and im in a house!!

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So i am about to make a big move and grab a home.

I am 5 points away from getting a FHA loan.


Just wanted to share some good news.

Thanks to this forum it has all helped out a lot!!

From back in the day with a 405 score to a 627...

I give back.

Thanks again!!

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Congrats on turning your life around - create a plan and stick to it. Shoot for to be a member of the 700 club.

This method is like poring gasoline on fire" - send extra in your installment debt - you get reported as being more responsible, and your score goes shoots up even higher.

Good Luck..........:-)

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Thanks for that link.

I got taken from a bad realtor.

I got money back but they screwed it all up.

Credit is way better now soon as i hit 600s it jumped passed mid 700s now...lol

Lots of things fell off and some body has to know that my income is double..lol

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