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Year over Year Credit Report Discrepancy


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Ok, so I printed my credit report from freecreditreport.com last year and on it was a closed medical bill for all of $35. I called the company, National Hospital Collections, told them I didn't realize I owed it and would be happy to pay them so that my debt could be paid and that my credit report would reflect the payment.

I made the payment on March 12th of last year.

I recently pulled my credit report this year, and National Hospital Collections is no longer on there, and it's gone from Experian entirely, and was never on Transunion. But for Equifax, there's a $35 medical bill with an opening account date the same as the one from NHC the year before. The account numbers are the same.

Should I contact NHC to have them notify Equifax that they were the collection agency and that the matter has been resolved, or do I need to contact Equifax directly?

It seems to me that NHC should be able to handle this, and have more proof readily available.

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