VA loans???

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Is anyone familar with the VA loan process? Just to give background my husbands the vet and we filled bankruptcy 1 year ago but it appears that our reason for filing falls under one of their possible exceptions.

You would be best to call the VA, then go to a VA lender just to double check.

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My experience with VA loans, it is true the actual credit score is not looked at. What is - is the on-time payments over the course of a year.

When I was a loan officer - several years ago had a borrower who had a BR which was discharged. Had to get proof on time payments he made to his trustee.

Agree with 1time2many, contact the VA for the answers to your questions....:)

Good Luck


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Yes they do look at the credit score. I am trying to get a va loan. I was told i cant right now, because my score is too low. 615 and it takes 620 for A VA LOAN.

My father just had a bk 18 months ago.. he was told that the va requires a two year wait for another va loan after bk.

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