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Not sure this is the real program to Rehab


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My 2 student loans went into default on 5/13/2007. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the company I believe is the guarantor, American Student Assistance, (ASA) asking about their rehab program. This morning I received a response from the Borrower Advocate, stating I should call the main number and use option 1.

I called and spoke to a gentleman. He was not very helpful. I asked to get into the rehab program and he told me I cannot be accepted into rehab until I make 9 payments on time, and asked when can I make the first payment. He asked for $100 per month, but since I have not worked since Oct 2008 I told him I could not pay that much monthly right now. He agreed to $75 per month, I told him I would send a money order when I receive something from ASA. He told me he would send me a statement today, but I would not get anything about rehad until after the 9th payment is received.

These 2 student loans total around $8000, but show up as 3 derogs on my credit report, as chargeoffs and 96, or more, 120 day lates. I want to clean up my credit reports as well as pay off my loan, and I think rehab is my only option.

Should I expect some paperwork stating the terms of rehab before I start paying ASA?

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