HELP!! Certegy reporting Returned Check on EQ

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What's the best way to go about confirming a returned check that Certegy is reporting on Equifax? Its from December 2007 to Best Buy -$985.

I bought several things from them at Christmas - and don't think I bounced any checks - bad time and going through divorce. I never received anything in the mail from them if I did.

Can anyone help me - with Certegy - Do you ask them to validate? Send a 623 email? Call them first? Do they have to come up with a check to prove it?

Anything on SOL for bad check?

Is there ANY negotiations with them to remove TL?

Any help much appreciated!

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Do you have a copy of your bank statement showing if the check cleared or didn't clear?

Even if you get e-statements, you usually can go back several years, check your bank acct website. If you can't access your statement for Dec 2007 then contact your banks CSR to order a copy of the statement.

You will need a copy of either the statement or the check anyway to prove that the check cleared, if it did, so you can get this removed from your report. If it didn't clear, then it is time to negotiate to get it removed.

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