DV or 623 Certegy and Trident Asset Management?

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I'm not quite sure which method to use? Are these collection agencies? Or should I do the thing if I pay will they take off my CR? Anyone have any luck with negotiating?

They are for returned checks from 12/07 for $559 and $985.

I'm in NC - I think SOL is 3 years? Is this different for checks?

(I know i've had a couple posts but hope someone can help - on round 2 of cleaning up!! - Working on this for 3 months now - got 5 things removed!! )

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I don't think they will take you court on it. I would just leave them there, maybe after the SOL is up you can put a disclaimer like breach of contract (defective product or something). I would leave the sleeping dog sleep. ... just my opinion though, I'm sure others will have theirs.

When is your SOL up?

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